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Hummingbird  Feeder Nectar  Recipe

      4 parts water 1 part sugar

        Example: one cup water to 1/4 cup sugar  

   Preparing the nectar mixture

     Bring water to boil in pot with cover on.

        Then add sugar and stir till sugar is dissolved.   

          Turn off heat, put cover back on, and let cool before filling feeder.

         Extra nectar can be stored in fridge for up to 2 weeks in a glass jar.

When to Change Nectar and Clean your Feeders  

Below is a chart to help you and it is only a guide.

Nectar will last longer in the Shade then in the Sun.

Most Important thing about the Nectar is it must be Healthy for our Hummers.

If the Nectar becomes Cloudy you waited to long.

If the feeder has Black Mold in it you waited way to long

or you just have not been cleaning it well enough.

In either case you need to change the Nectar and Clean the feeder sooner.

If the above continues to happen, you are doing more Harm than Good.

Please take the Feeder(s) down and Do Not put them back up.

Just do Flowers since the Nectar does not go Bad in them.


Cleaning Solutions For Feeders 

1) Just Hot Water for Regular/Average Nectar Changing & Cleaning.

***If you feel the need for an Extra clean, use Solution 2)   

for your Regular/Average Nectar Changing & Cleaning.*** 

2) Hydrogen Peroxide 3% USP 1part to 1part Water.                           

                                        Use if Nectar was Cloudy or just for that Extra Clean. Rinse Well.                                   


                3) Hydrogen Peroxide 3% USP Full Strength                                                           

                                       For Extra Dirty or Black Mold in or on Feeder. Soak & Scrub. Rinse Well.                  


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