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About Us


We specialize in plants that attract hummingbirds to your garden and offer the best hummingbird plants for Long Island as well as other states. Also as a bonus lots of these plants are also loved by butterflies.  


The beautiful Ruby-throated Hummingbird makes its home on Long Island in the Spring, Summer and into the early Fall. Starting in February, these tiny birds start their long migration up from Mexico, and by April-May, they reach Long Island, where they search for suitable places to live. They are attracted by certain types of plants, and if they find some to their liking, with any luck... they will stay. Let us help you turn your garden into a beautiful hummingbird sanctuary!!(Or a butterfly sanctuary.) The favorites of the ruby throat are available in 3.5", Quart, 4 Quart and 6 Quart pots. All plants can be picked up in Medford, NY.




*There is no guarantee that you will get hummingbirds.. even though you have the best plants for attracting them in your area!*

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